About Infaco

In 1984, M. Daniel DELMAS invented the 1st electric shears in the world, the ELECTROCOUP. He then went on to create INFACO (Innovation, Fabrication, Commercialisation) on a family business line with authentic values. In 1985, at the SITEVI international exhibition in Montpellier, Daniel Delmas won the Golden Palm Award for Best innovation for his invention. INFACO sold its first 500 ELECTROCOUP shears during the three-day wine growing trade show.



Shear F3015

The ELECTROCOUP F3015 electric pruning shears are the new reference. A tool designed for pruning professionals, the F3015 positioned itself in line with its predecessors as a reliable, high-quality tool, approved by all its users throughout the world. 

High quality materials have been selected with the utmost care to develop this new model. 
Additionally, extended Research & Development resulted in the optimized compactness and weight of the main parts. INFACO thus selected "Brushless" technology for the motor and "Lithium" technology for the battery. 

F3010 Tête coupe onglons
F3010 Tête coupe onglons 2


Once or twice a year, preferably after sheep and goats have spent a few days out to grass, their hooves have to be trimmed. Removing the excess horn to keep the animals firmly on their feet and help them fight against foot rot is a vital but laborious task that requires dexterity, strength and patience. 
The F3010 hoof kit is designed to trim hooves with less effort on the breeder’s part. It does the job quickly and accurately, thereby reducing the stress on the animal during this operation. In addition, the Electrocoup F3010’s progressive approach means that if offers great precision and limits the risk of injury to the animal.


Powercoup PW2 

1 Motor = 6 Tools.

Thanks to electronic recognition, the speed automatically adapts to the connected tool. 
This patented system is used to adjust the motor performance and thereby define the best power/speed/torque for the tool being used. 
The “flat” Brushless technology motor gives an output that is higher than that of a classic DC motor. It is compact, lightweight and is compatible with each tool. 
For tools with which there is a risk of cuts (hedge-trimmer, chain saw and reciprocal saw), it has added safety which stops the tool movement very quickly when the trigger is released.


  • Compact & light : 1.74lbs
  • Performances :  Exceptional Power and Efficiency
  • High Cutting Capacity: 40 mm /1.57 in Standard Kit - 45 mm / 1.77 in Medium Kit - 65 mm / 2.17 in. Maxi kit
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Soft and Comfortable Grip
  • Very accurate progressiveness